Energy Company

After helping an early stage upstream energy company with its initial offering on a foreign exchange, Aaron moved on site and worked with the company’s executives to develop policies and procedures and establish a legal and compliance function.  Newly funded, the company soon began acquiring assets in North America and the Gulf of Mexico.  As transactions closed and the company took on legacy operations, Aaron reviewed and renegotiated hundreds of oilfield service contracts, developed new forms and procedures for contract review, and quickly conformed new and existing documents to the company’s insurance requirements.  When early stage funding had been spent on the last buy-side deal, Aaron jumped in to begin the process of negotiating credit facilities to help get the company the money it needed to fund its drilling program, increase revenue and provide the capital needed for more acquisitive expansion.  During this time, Aaron acted as outside general counsel, handling day-to-day legal questions on everything from commercial transactions to employment agreements.  He also joined the team evaluating the company’s international tax planning opportunities.

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