Trade Association

When a trade association was trying to reinvent itself, it knew it had to find counsel with flexibility, drive and imagination—and wouldn’t break the bank on fees. After firing its big law firm, the association challenged Aaron to come up with a restructuring plan as well as a billing arrangement that was aligned with its annual budget.  Just months later, the association had a new name, and a  new, more flexible set of bylaws, policies and procedures.  After evaluating the association’s needs, Aaron came up with a flat rate billing plan that matched the association’s budget and utilization of legal services.  More importantly, Aaron took a team approach to the representation, acting like a member of the management team rather than a technician that spoke only when spoken to.  During board meetings he provided practical advice that allowed the Board of Directors to start thinking more strategically and less like managers and, in concert with management, emphasized the appropriate division of labor between Board and management team that allowed executives to move quickly and dynamically within the constraints of the Board’s strategic objectives.  He then moved on to correcting other structural deficiencies (and past mistakes) by working with outside accountants and management.  A previous board and counsel had tried and failed to obtain IRC §501(c)(6) status.  Based on changes Aaron made to the organization’s governing documents and a more comprehensive and well-organized application, the association achieved tax-exempt status for the first time in more than a decade.

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