Dr. Mariana Tejado is a Mexican environmental lawyer with over twenty years of experience in environmental law. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of fields, including environmental and natural resource issues, waste management, land use, corporate environmental regulation, environmental impact assessment, water resources management, air emissions, climate change, human rights, and various regulatory aspects of the Mexican energy sector.

During her tenure as Director of the Environmental Department at the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico, Mariana had the opportunity to issue recommendations to authorities at all three levels of government, advocating for the protection of the human right to a healthy environment, as well as the rights of indigenous peoples and communities. She has also served as an advisor and consultant to prestigious institutions such as the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America, the Inter-American Development Bank, and several Mexican government secretariats, including the Department of Environment.

Furthermore, Mariana has provided legal counsel at several firms, advising clients across diverse sectors such as energy, mining, tourism, food, chemicals, paper, livestock, transportation, and textiles, among others. With experience in both the private and public sectors, she offers a comprehensive understanding of Mexican regulations and has assisted numerous Mexican and international companies in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and ensuring compliance with social and environmental standards.