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Business Dispute Mediation

There are few things companies dread more than litigation. Even petty cases have a way of damaging relationships, tarnishing reputations, and eating up enormous sums of money, time, and talent. Lawyers’ fees and other direct costs get the most attention because they’re easy to measure. But the indirect business costs of litigation, the cost of diverting key personnel from productive activities, for example, or the cost of destroying a profitable relationship with a former business partner, are perhaps equally important. From the company’s perspective, they may be more important.

BALL PLLC offers business dispute mediation services to encourage cost-effective resolution.  Mediations are confidential and most result in settlement.  We draw on our decades of legal experience and industry knowledge to help parties quickly settle commercial and contract disputes. BALL PLLC only performs mediation for business disputes and only in industries where our experience can be brought to bear.

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