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Organizational Health & Team Assessment

BALL PLLC’s organizational health, team assessment, and organizational coaching services are like taking your company to the human resources doctor—a really good HR doc, that is. We assess over 20 dimensions of organizational health, to include our favorite: complex functioning—the co-evolution of human and social capital. It’s that collection of knowledge, skills, and abilities commingled with relationships and networks that ultimately provides the source of your sustainable, competitive advantage. Our initial assessments, follow-on coaching and training make it possible for you and your teams to have a real conversation about where you need to go and how you might get there. We help you develop the framework upon which you can build a pattern of success.

Executive, Management & Team Advisory

While leadership, culture, strategy, and performance are intertwined, they’re also particular to your environment, your context. This is why so much leadership development training and education fails—it’s just too general.

“Leadership” is about the challenges you face right now in achieving your shared goals.

“Culture” is about your culture. It’s about the integration of your values, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors, and then the transmission of those cultural narratives throughout your organization, not just any organization.

“Strategy” is about the direction you need to head and how you need to align your people with your goals and your market. We get that.

We will help build the container—the context, the system—within which your culture and your strategy flourish.

Key Leader Assessment, Evaluation & Review

What do we do with people who are good at their jobs? We promote them, and we usually do so on the basis of the skills they needed in their last job, not the ones they need for their next job. While we don’t intend to, we often set leaders up for failure. Think of our assessments and reviews as mini-organizational health assessments, just done on a different scale—the scale of the individual. We can find out what’s working well and what isn’t—and what’s needed to succeed in the next position. Give your high-potentials and new leaders a fighting chance. And give your seasoned leaders the opportunity they crave to grow and develop even more.

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