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Compliance & Regulatory

At BALL PLLC we understand that “compliance” is much more than just a policy or procedure. Truly effective compliance and regulatory management requires employee education and making best practices part of the fabric of company culture. Regulatory and compliance review of counterparties and assets is also a critical aspect of transactions. We combine our legal knowledge with an enhanced due diligence process that is designed to uncover adverse information not on the data room’s “guided tour”.

What We Have Done

  • Environmental counsel on various industrial, commercial, mixed use, and multi-family development projects, providing due diligence assistance with Phase I and Phase II investigations, risk evaluation, negotiating environmental representations and warranties, environmental indemnity provisions, and escrow agreements, and advising regarding remediation and regulatory closure.
  • Representation of major and de minimis parties in PRP groups and related matters and state and federal Superfund sites including U.S. Oil Recovery, San Jacinto River Waste Pits, Malone Services Company, Gulf Nuclear, Bridgeport Rental & Oil Services, Materials Recovery Enterprises, French Ltd., North Cavalcade Street, Many Diversified Interests, Inc., Sikes Disposal Pits, and Bailey Waste Disposal.
  • Representation of commercial landowners in dispute resolution and administrative proceedings concerning the release and migration of petroleum products and hazardous materials in all environmental media, and coordinated remedial process among various stake-holders.
  • Member of legal team assisting State of Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office and Governor’s Office to evaluate natural resource damages and economic damages to State of Louisiana resulting from Deepwater Horizon Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Counsel to major municipality for 13 years providing ongoing, on-demand environmental regulatory and compliance counseling to aviation department in its operation of three commercial airports, including advising regarding wetlands permitting, waste water discharges, storm water compliance, compliance audits, environmental management systems, emissions reduction plans, greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting, Title V permitting, and remediation of bulk storage contamination.
  • Environmental counsel to developers of various gas storage projects providing advice regarding applicable federal and state permit programs and securing required approvals, including permits for construction and operation of new air sources, Title V, synthetic minors, raw water supply, waste water discharge, wetlands and water quality certifications, pipeline construction and hydrostatic water, soil erosion and sediment control, endangered species, cultural resources, and others.
  • Seconded to major oil company for 18-month period to resolve dozens of matters across the U.S. during a major property divestiture program. As counsel, coordinated cleanup efforts with state regulators, environmental consultants, and in-house engineers in various states. Routinely resolved issues with former lessors and lessees, current landowners, lenders, and redevelopers regarding coordination of ongoing remedial efforts with planned property development, including applicable cleanup standards, trust fund reimbursement, responsibility for disposal of impacted soil and water, stockpiling of soils, waste water discharge, analytical sampling, incremental cost increases attributable to developer’s special needs, and pass-through indemnities.

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