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Enhanced Due Diligence

BALL PLLC’s Enhanced Due Diligence Services Team helps clients exceed typical consultative M&A diligence capabilities by contextualizing investment risk to deliver more practical, actionable outcomes.

After an acquisition is closed, sophisticated investors and acquirers invest substantial time and money to integrate teams, networks and applications. However, their security and intelligence teams rarely have the resources or internal processes to perform investigative diligence on a target before an acquisition is executed.

Consultative reviews and questionnaires are a typical starting point for M&A teams, but these reviews often lack context and validation of the information provided. This leaves critical, actionable information overlooked.

Investors, auditing and consulting firms, and large company security teams generally perform interview-based cyber diligence and data reviews with the acquisition target’s team to determine the security maturity and address theoretical risk. They work to identify exposed vulnerabilities that “could be” or “have been” exploited by threat actors, typically by reviewing previous events and current vulnerabilities. However, investors and complex organizations often lack the resources to do an in-depth analysis of the target. They also rarely evaluate reputation-based or negative press risks.  Clients can leverage our team to do so.

How it Works: 

BALL PLLC’s Enhanced Due Diligence Services Team combines, legal, cybersecurity, HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) expertise to provide deep, current, and comprehensive insight within the context of the client’s specific needs to provide timely and accurate insight to corporate development and merger and acquisition teams.

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