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Our Philosophy

BALL PLLC’s mission is to contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses through actions that create opportunities and reduce risk.

BALL PLLC takes a client-centered approach to service. We constantly seek to improve our clients’ experience.

At BALL PLLC we see ourselves as part of a client’s core team and identify our success solely through the achievement of successful outcomes for our clients.

Drawing on our experience, we take a wider view of our role, and see ourselves not just as lawyers, but as strategic problem solvers. That is why BALL PLLC provides enhanced services in the areas of business intelligence, enhanced due diligence, investigations, IT and physical security, and change management.*

We call this our “FIRM” approach:  Fully Integrated Risk Management©

Our multidisciplinary teams provide a more comprehensive approach to risk than simply words on paper. As a result, we offer effective, actionable guidance, and enhanced performance.

*Some services may be provided through affiliate companies.

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