• Alternative Energy
  • Automotive
  • Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Midstream Oil & Gas
  • Downstream Oil & Gas
  • International Petroleum Transactions
  • Petrochemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology and Software

Outside General Counsel & Legal Support (OGCLS)

BALL PLLC’s Outside General Counsel & Legal Services (OGCLS) Practice Group handles strategic and day-to-day legal matters at a fraction of the cost of either full-time in-house counsel or law firms. OGCLS clients have a close working relationship with a lead attorney and designated team who know their business well. Clients can access any of our other attorneys at any time for answers requiring special expertise. Our OGCLS team members average over 30 years of industry and legal experience and, for clients who subscribe to an OGCLS plan, they all bill at the same rate (One Rate™), so clients know what they are paying and always know they are speaking with someone who understands their needs.

We can come to you.

Depending on your company’s needs, we can work at your office to be available to your team on site. BALL PLLC’s alternative fee structure means having us on site won’t let your cost get out of control.

We can get up to speed quickly.

With our team’s extensive prior in-house experience and industry knowledge, we get up to speed quickly. This enables us to respond quickly and, at your discretion, take the initiative, like an in-house lawyer.

We work based on your rules. 

We work hard to understand the key drivers and practical risks for your business, to ensure that our legal services support the achievement of your business objectives, are compatible with your company’s values and internal procedures, and preserve external relationships.

BALL PLLC’s clients are:

Small and mid-sized businesses without in-house counsel–who need ongoing legal support but don’t want to hire in-house attorneys.

Larger companies with in-house counsel–who don’t want to add more full-time resources to existing staff.  These clients typically already use outside law firms, but find them too expensive and too slow to accommodate their day-to-day needs.

Volume Discount Plans: Many OGCLS clients choose the reliability and certainty of a fee plan, which guarantees access to services for a minimum amount of time at reduced hourly rates. These plans work particularly well for clients who have predictable, recurring legal needs.

One Rate™: OGCLS clients who do not choose a volume discount fee plan can still obtain lower-than-market rates by paying a fee to join our One Rate™ plan. Under this plan, clients are charged based on utilization but at a deep discount versus market rates. All OGCLS attorneys must have at least 15 years of industry and legal experience. They all bill at the same rate (One Rate™), so clients always know what they are paying and that they are speaking with someone who understands their needs.

Alternative Fee Arrangements: BALL PLLC frequently works with clients to develop customized plans based on their needs.  Sometimes those arrangements include a combination of the fee plan approach for certain work and the One Rate™ approach for others.  Regardless of the circumstances, BALL PLLC can customize an approach that is right for each client.

Advisory Service Fees:  All BALL PLLC legal services can be bundled with Advisory Services under the same fee plan.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Drafting and preparation of letters of intent and various non-disclosure agreements
  • Complete M&A transaction management and support
  • Transaction due diligence and support
  • Securities filings and compliance
  • Private equity

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

  • Software/technology development, outsourcing, and various service and licensing agreements
  • Professional services agreements
  • Start-up and follow-on financing
  • Commercial leases
  • Equipment leases
  • Joint ventures
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Master service agreements
  • Specialty contracts

Employment Matters

  • Offer letters and employment agreements
  • Severance and restrictive covenant agreements
  • Employee handbooks and policy documents
  • Various independent contractor agreements

Corporate Governance/Management & Structure

  • Acting as corporate secretary
  • Attending board meetings and drafting minutes
  • Preparing and managing corporate governance records
  • Development of Board policies and procedures, drafting and revision of bylaws and other charter documents
  • General risk management policies and procedures
  • Business structure planning and restructuring for risk, tax minimization, etc.

Compliance & Regulatory

  • Internal and external investigations
  • Regulatory filings
  • Regulatory compliance for transactions and corporate governance
  • Compliance training and management
  • Preparing and managing corporate compliance records

BALL PLLC’s attorneys have deep experience in the following industries:

  • Alternative Energy (biofuels, wind farms)
  • Automotive (manufacturing, supply chain, dealerships, MVM licensing)
  • Upstream Oil & Gas (operators, service companies, suppliers, and manufacturers)
  • Midstream Oil & Gas (refineries, processing, storage, pipeline, and distribution)
  • Downstream Oil & Gas (logistics, distribution, trucking, shipping, and rail)
  • International Petroleum Transactions (including bid round preparation and submission, various forms of host government contracts including production sharing contracts, licenses/concessions, and service contracts, JOA’s, oil field service agreements
  • Compliance matters (including environmental, FCPA, anti-money laundering, OFAC, sanctions compliance)
  • Petrochemicals (feedstock, supply and service agreements, joint ventures)
  • Manufacturing (industrial and consumer goods)
  • Technology and Software (machinery, tooling, digital tools)
  • Construction, Real Estate Development and related financing transactions

Client Testimonials

“It has been my pleasure to work with Aaron Ball since I joined Energistics in 2008. As Outside General Counsel, Aaron has served our company with honor and distinction, always there for our Directors and staff with timely, considered, erudite counsel. Perhaps as important, Aaron’s compassion and kindness has seen us through challenging times. He was one of the first people I called upon as Acting CEO in 2015 when our CEO passed away unexpectedly and he helped us through a difficult transition period. I would recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a smart attorney with a good heart. Aaron would be an asset to any company.”

Jana Schey
Chief Operating Officer

Energistics Consortium Inc.

“Aaron has done several different projects for me. Either it was of a personal nature or business and he has always performed over my expectations.”

Paul Cater

Capital Inspectors, LLC

“Aaron is a seasoned corporate and taxation attorney that we use on a broad range of issues throughout North and South America. He has good people skills and has been a very cost effective resource.”

Joe Hulett
Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Human Resources

Americas Styrenics, LLC

“One of the best lawyers in Houston!”

Mauricio Arroyo

Pemex Drilling and Services

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