About Eduardo Bustos

Eduardo is a corporate lawyer with a broad practice in the following areas and industries:

  • contracts, joint ventures, commercial law,
  • Cybersecurity and intellectual property.
  • finance and capital markets.
  • compliance (FCPA & UKBA).
  • energy, oil & gas, construction, aviation, and manufacturing industries.
  • agro-industrial, wine, and vineyards.
  • negotiation of contracts between governments and large global companies.
  • international law and commercial arbitration.

Debt & Finance Transactions, Bankruptcy

  • Represented American multinational company in connection with audit of cable television companies in Argentina in order to facilitate debt re-payment and credit verification as part of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Represented a client group with interests in national, binational, and international business chambers, in relation to governments and multilateral credit organizations (i.e., the Andean Development Corporation, Inter-American Development Bank, IFC, leading international private banks, bank unions, and others).
  • Negotiated on behalf of Aggreko Argentina in connection with the repayment of commercial debt and other financing soId by the Secretariat of Energy of Argentina.
  • Represented international companies in the process of collecting verification and collection of debt in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Advised companies in obtaining, configuring or forming financing structures such as project finance transactions, syndicates loans, various credit structures, and guarantees.
  • Represented companies in processes of preventive contests, and extrajudicial agreements to prevent insolvencies and bankruptcies.
  • Organized private investment funds and real estate investment companies in the US and UK.

M&A, Corporate & Tax Planning

  • Oversaw legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions operations in Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.
  • Developed a tax planning strategy to take advantage of tax benefits and capital goods import benefits.
  • Provided general advice and represented client in corporate reorganization.
  • Led planning for tax-free corporate restructuring in Mexico.
  • Advised numerous accounting firms and consulting companies in corporate matters, labor relations and collaborated to provide highly specialized advice for some of their international clients in legal, financial, and business management matters. Represented global technology corporation in tenders process for contract awards by provincial authorities, national universities, and others.
  • Advised mining companies on all regulatory, corporate, environmental, and labor relations issues, relationships with suppliers, and infrastructure construction.

Commercial and Labor Contracts

  • Negotiated and concluded numerous client supplier contracts.
  • Negotiated on behalf of corporate clients for the prevention of union strikes, establishment blockades, and route cuts by unions.
  • Advised client in the organization and development of dealership agreements, spare parts distribution, and after-sales services. Collaborated with client’s management team to balance the production and import relationships required by authorities and negotiated agreements with certain dealers, and other corporate businesses in relation thereto.
  • Negotiated international events contracts in connection with events such as the Paris Dakar Rally, F1 Formula 1 Racing, Formula E Racing, and Cirque du Soleil, among others.
  • Negotiated multiple agreements with suppliers, distributors, agencies, and consultancies in numerous Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Coordinated labor claim defense strategy with outside lawyers in several jurisdictions.

Government Contracts & Regulatory Matters

  • Representation of companies before Governments, Industrial Chambers, and regulators.
  • Represented clients in matters before the Arbitral Tribunal of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange of Santiago de Chile and Lima Peru
  • Represented Argentinian oil & gas corporation in the administrative process before the Competition Defense Commission in which they were accused of manipulating the price of natural gas, collusion, and manipulation of the GLP gas distribution network.
  • Directed oil & gas company internal investigation that detected how parties in the company’s operations and distribution network, with the complicity of security companies, stole fuel from the pipeline that was used to send fuel from the company’s distillery to distribution’s centers.
  • Substantial experience in contract management, risk assessment, and the development of risk mitigation plans especially for energy companies, infrastructure companies, and insurance companies.
  • Advised oil & gas corporations on the constitutionality of norms and the challenge of administrative resolutions.
  • Extensive experience advising clients in customs law matters.


  • Advised clients in connection with formation of air services company jointly owned with Bell Textron.
  • Represented multiple air service companies in Argentina.
  • Led safety standards and compliance workshops for aircraft repair and maintenance services companies in Argentina.
  • Negotiated the acquisition of aircraft in the USA, Spain, France, and Italy.
  • Assisted client in registration of aircraft in multiple countries.
  • Managed labor relations amongst aircraft company unions and regulators.

Agriculture Industry, Wine and Vineyards

  • Represented main line Argentinian winery throughout its sale, from valuation to closing.
  • Advised clients in connection with purchase of farms and ranches for the expansion of agricultural facilities.
  • Advised clients concerning the export of livestock from Argentina to Bolivia and Uruguay. Advised client on legal aspects of genetics for livestock breed improvement and genetic material export.
  • Implemented strategic alliances to mitigate climate risks through joint venture agreements for forestry development in Temuco, Chile.

EPC & Infrastructure

  • Represented a construction group funded by Argentine capital investment in the bidding processes for docks, hydroelectric dams, routes, trains, and large infrastructure works in several countries.


  • Trained executives on the subject matter and application of the UK Bribery Act, the US FCPA, the OECD, and the local criminal law in their areas of operations.
  • Negotiated multiple agreements with suppliers, distributors, agencies, and consultancies in numerous Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Coordinated labor claim defense strategy with outside lawyers in several jurisdictions.
  • Assisted Argentine renewable energy company in connection with the creation of a virtual gas pipeline using high-pressure gas.
  • Advised main Argentine oil & gas corporation in obtaining associative agreements aimed at exploring and exploiting gas and oil fields in Mendoza, Argentina. Represented these companies in tax determination proceedings associated with the transfer of operations of the oil fields.
  • Provided advice to clients on financing structures, project finance matters, and syndicated loans.
  • Advised client on United Arab Emirates technology transfer and EPC infrastructure project.
  • Advise several credit and finance companies on all regulatory, corporate, environmental, and labor relations issues, relationships with suppliers, credit recovery and advice on guarantees for special operations.
  • Advised hotels companies on all regulatory, corporate, environmental, and labor relations issues, relationships with suppliers and infrastructure construction, as well as provided representation of those client companies before governments, tourism chambers, and regulators.
  • Advised multinational company in processes of private price competitions associations in EPC processes, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations of international contracts, and various tax matters.

Intellectual Property

  • Represented, advised, and negotiated on behalf of clients in global trademark defense matters.
  • Exemplarity Award Universidad Austral – IAE Business School – Summa Cum Laude
  • Law, University of Mendoza
  • Master’s degree in business law (MBA), Universidad de San Andres
  • Master‘s Degree in Finance, Universidad del Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de Argentina (CEMA) –
  • Universidad Austral IAE Business School, – Regional Executive Master’s in Business Administration (EMBA).
  • International Certification in Ethics and Compliance (IFCA-UCEMA)
  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Professional)
  • French (Intermediate)
  • Portuguese (Intermediate)
  • Mendoza, Argentina
  • Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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