About Jason Amerine

After graduating from West Point, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jason Amerine volunteered for Ranger duty where his assignments included the 442nd Infantry (Fort DeRussy, Hawaii), 5/87th Infantry (Fort Davis, Panama), and Joint Security Force Company (Pan Mun Jom, Republic of Korea). Jason later joined the Special Forces and as part of 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) given command of ODA 572 (Operational Detachment A-Team) and later commanded ODA 574.

After receiving news of the 9/11 attacks, Jason helped freedom fighters overthrow Taliban rule in Afghanistan. He joined forces with local tribal leader Hamid Karzai, who assisted the US invasion via his own guerrilla war. In Uruzgan, Amerine with his Americans and Karzai with his freedom fighters both defended the town of Tarin Kowt from a Taliban attack. Next, they marched on a campaign along the Arghandab River, fighting the Taliban at Shawali Kowt and Sayyd Alma Kalay. Both were US-Afghan victories, eventually leading to the capture of Kandahar, an Islamic spiritual center. Shortly after Karzai was elected to be interim leader of Afghanistan, Jason was hit by friendly fire. He lost three of his friends in the explosion and learned three days later (in a hospital in Germany) that Kandahar had fallen to end the war.

On January 15, 2002, Jason was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor and the Purple Heart for his actions in Afghanistan.

Jason’s story and the story of his eleven-man A-Team of Green Berets is told in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book “The Only Thing Worth Dying For” by Eric Blehm.

Jason is a Special Projects Advisor for BALL PLLC.

  • Jason provides advisory and special project services to BALL PLLC clients.
  • B.S., Arabic, The United States Military Academy (1993)
  • M.A., International Affairs, Texas A&M, George Bush School of Government and Public Service (2003)
  • Assistant Professor of International Relations, Department of Social Sciences, The United States Military Academy.
  • Assistant Professor of Arabic, Department of Foreign Languages, The United States Military Academy.
  • English (Native)
  • Arabic (Fluent)

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