About Jeff White

Jeff is a U.S. Army Sergeant Major (Retired) with over 20 years of experience in special mission units and the intelligence community. He has vast experience in leading operations in developing countries. Jeff is a master of managing both small, complex teams or larger multi-discipline elements. He is also experienced at representing organizations at Senior levels, Senior Executive Service, General Officer, and U.S. Ambassadors.

Jeff began his career in the Army with the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. As a Ranger, he trained, managed, and supervised nine-man Ranger Squad in light infantry tactics such as raids, ambushes and reconnaissance missions. Jeff also conducted countless live fire exercises and parachuting operations.

For over a decade, Jeff was part of the Army’s elite 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force). During that time he served as a team member on assault team, recce/sniper team, as a master breacher, second in charge of assault team and HUMINT Team Sergeant. During his time with Delta, Jeff had:

  • One operational deployment as assault team member serving as advance and member of high-ranking official Personal Security Detail (PSD);
  • Two operational deployments to Afghanistan;
  • Three operational deployments to Iraq as a recce/sniper team member; and
  • Three operational deployments to Iraq as a HUMINT team leader managing 10 to 20 personnel.

Jeff planned and participated in numerous combat operations, close target reconnaissance (CTR), surveillance of high value targets and Advance Force Operations (AFO). He assisted other government agencies on numerous high threat meetings in combat theaters, conducted/led eight hostage debriefs with other government agencies, and conducted over 200 interrogations.

Jeff’s unique background provides him with a great understanding of fusing multiple disciplines into one working group to solve complex problems. He is able to work as part of a team or alone in austere environments.

  • Mentoring and management for Nigerian security services division of an international oil company on process and management change.
  • Consultant for startup medical company in the Washington DC area with regional focus on West Africa.
  • Established two western style medical clinics in West Africa and established a fixed wing aero medical evacuation platform based in West Africa.
  • Program Manager for US Army responsible for managing multiple projects, developing new projects and terminating non-productive projects. Responsible for developing the financial plans for each.
  • Infantry Basic Training (1986)
  • Ranger Indoctrination Program (1986)
  • Airborne School (1986)
  • Ranger School (1988)
  • Primary Leadership Development Course (1989)
  • Combat Services Support Program (1996)
  • Basic Jumpmaster Course (1996)
  • Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (1996)
  • Pathfinder (1998)
  • Advanced Land Navigation Course (1999)
  • Operator Training Course (1999)
  • SERE 215 (1999)
  • Military Freefall Jumpmaster (2002)
  • Military Freefall (1999)
  • Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course (2001)
  • Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (2004)
  • ASOT Level II (2005)
  • DOD Interrogator Qualified (2005)
  • TC Class 17 (2006)
  • SGM Academy (2010)
  • English (Native)

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